Vitaly Petrov

Vitaly Petrov Comes To Mind With The Russian Grand Prix

With the Russian Grand Prix coming up, there is little wonder that the name of Vitaly Petrov is doing the rounds.

Born a Russian in 1984, he is the first Russian to have taken part in the Formula One World Championship. Hence, now that the Russian Grand Prix is round the corner, it is a time to remember the feats of this racing driver. He was born in Vyborg and the lightning speeds at which he used to compete acquired him the nickname Vyborg Rocket. He competed in Formula One from 2010 for Renault and then for Caterham in 2012.

It is interesting to note that, Petrov started off with Karting as there was no motor sporting opportunity where he lived. He started off in Motorsport only in 1998. At that time he started to participate in ice races as well as in rally sprints. He then competed in Russian Lada Cup. From 2003 Petrov has been in the limelight as he started participating in Formula Renault races. Since then he has started to compete in different races in Europe. The Russian Lada Revolution races were started in 2004. He then remained and participated for Russia till 2005.

The Russian Grand Prix started in October 2014. The Sochi autodrom is considered to be a city circuit that is one of the fastest circuits constructed. There are several opportunities to overtake as per the circuit’s width in different places. The fast paced racing makes races more interesting for the viewers. Vitaly Petrov was the first Russian to take part in F1 races. He drove for Renault and today Kvyat and other countrymen would be racing as well. Many are wondering whether Russian countrymen would be taking back the trophy this year as it is their home ground. Nonetheless, it would be interesting as hell for the fans.