Vitaly Petrov

Vitaly Petrov Advises Daniil

Often it takes legends to point out and motivate young drivers who are commencing their careers on the race track.

Daniil Kvyat is being looked upon by Vitaly Petrov as someone whose career still has possibilities, thereby hinting that the young driver should push on and try to move his career ahead on the race tracks.

Vitaly is being looked upon as a legend by many and that is not without credit. He was the first Formula 1 racer from Russia. Hence he feels that it is needed that he motivates his countrymen who are in similar profession. He stated that his countryman, Daniil Kvyat can still put his career on track. This is a motivation for the 22 year old Kvyat who has suffered a blow when he was relegated to the junior team of Toro Rosso by Red Bull in order to replace his senior position with Max Verstappen. The company stated that Kvyat was struggling to cope with the pressure that he was facing from the races. The stress of events that occurred in Sochi had taken a toll on him. Hence, if he is part of the junior team he would be able to recover his form.

Petrov feels that Daniil will be able to improve his prospects when he stays on with Formula 1. Petrov has raced for Caterham and Renault in F1 races. He feels that Daniil is not with a bad team. The Toro Rosso team can fight equally as the other teams of Red Bull. However, that is not important. What is required is that he builds the group dynamics with Carlos Sainz. The main task is that he should make the races look good. If he is able to achieve that his future will look bright and grow well.