Vitaly And The Russian GP

Russia has some names that have made it big in the international motorsports scenario and Vitaly Petrov is one of them.

Though he is not active on the F1 race tracks these days, he continues to be a pivotal figure in Russian motor racing events. As the F1 season for 2017 starts off, there is much focus on the different race tracks being prepared around the world, including Russia.

Every race track in different countries has its own nuances and challenges that drivers look forward to knowing and conquering well before the real races begin. Russia, for instance, would be sporting a Grand Prix for the fourth time. The venue is Sochi Autodrom. As the past seasons have showcased, Mercedes team has been able to conquer the racing circuit here every season.

Vitaly has played a role in ensuring that the races continue in his home ground and his support continues for this year as well. The Sochi Autodrom is based on the likes of the 2014 Winter Olympics site. The Autodrom is the next venue for the Russian Grand Prix after it was moved from St Petersburg. Mercedes team has enjoyed a dominant position in the Russian Grand Prix for the last three seasons. Vitaly might not have participated in home Grand Prix events but this former driver of the Renault team continues to be a celebrated figure in his country. He had been part of the team that requested a race to be held in the country in 1983 which was initially turned down. Those who are looking to prepare themselves for the 2017 Russian Grand Prix will find helpful guides to familiarize themselves with the racing circuit and its unique features. Vitaly will also continue to support the Grand Prix event this year and that is something that his fans look forward to as well.