Vitaly Petrov


The 2010 season comes with a lot of memories, both good and bad for several teams in the race.

One team that came off with a bad memory in that season, would be the Ferrari team and one which VitalyPetrov would always be remembered for.

The Ferrari Team Driver, Fernando Alonso had started out well, with Ferrari trying to utilize an opportunity to get Felipe Massa up ahead of Webber, thus providing Alonso with a good blocker.

However, the strategy was an epic fail as Massa’s stop turned out to be a bad one as he had a little trouble with the right rear, making him lose a second and a half in the pits on Webber.

Massa was thus forced to sit behind Webber’s Red Bull. Ferrari went on to make a crucial mistake after missing the first opportunity.With their failure to get Massa up in front of Webber, the Ferrari team had to bring Alonso up again to cover Webber.

Thus, Alonso came in on lap 15 and re-joined ahead of Webber. However, with fast lap times being achieved by Webber in fresh air, it meant that they both were behind a number of cars who may not need to stop again.

The duo soon came up behind the Renault of VitalyPetrov and this was where Ferrari and Alonso’s championship dream crashed. Alonso was able to come up to his tail by lap 18 but that was that as the two leaders in the championship challenge could not find a way to get past the Renault till the race came to an end.

In the Turkish Grand Prix, Alonso had to endure a very frustrating period behind Petrovuntil an error from Petrov had allowed Alonso to force his way through. However, there were no errors this time around, forcing Ferrari to finish in seventh position.