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Vitaly Alexandrovich Petrov or to simply put, Vitaly Petrov is a professional motorsport racer from the Russian Federation who is currently racing in Formula 1 for the Lotus Renault GP team. Known as the Vyborg Rocket in Russia, Petrov is the first and so far, the only driver to race in the Formula 1 world championships. Petrov was born on the 8th of September, 1984 in the Vyborg region of Russia. He had a very unusual entry into the world of racing and this is because his career did not start with go kart racing because there was very low motor sporting activity in the part of Russia where he lived. Instead he joined the University of Moscow and earned himself a degree in meteorology. After that, he started competing in the Russian Lada Cup from 2001 onwards, and he remained in the series for the following season as well. He completely dominated the series, winning all the races in the series thereby scoring a maximum number of points in the points’ standings, which is still a record.

In 2003, Vitaly Petrov moved onto Formula Renault and began racing in the Italian Championship for the Euro Nova Racing team where he finished the season 19th in the overall standings. After racing in the Euro Formula 3000, he moved back to Russia to take part in the inaugural season of the Russian Lada Revolution championship, where, ironically after beginning all the races in pole position, he finished the season as runner up. In 2006, Petrov signed up to race in the Formula 3000 series and that same season, he made his debut in the GP2 series as well. After his success in both these series, it was just a matter of time before Petrov joined the big boys in Formula 1 and he was linked to several teams prior to the start of the 2010 season including Sauber, Renault F1 as well as Campos. It was officially announced on 31st January, 2010 that Vitaly Petrov would become the first Russian in Formula 1 when he signed for the Renault Formula 1 team. He has had moderate success on the track so far, having had just one podium finish in his career and only 63 championship points on the board in two years. After the team was rebranded as Lotus Renault for the 2011 season, Vitaly Petrov got his favorite car #10.

Vitaly Petrov Advises Daniil

Often it takes legends to point out and motivate young drivers who are commencing their careers on the race track.

Daniil Kvyat is being looked upon by Vitaly Petrov as someone whose career still has possibilities, thereby hinting that the young driver should push on and try to move his career ahead on the race tracks.

Vitaly is being looked upon as a legend by many and that is not without credit. He was the first Formula 1 racer from Russia. Hence he feels that it is needed that he motivates his countrymen who are in similar profession. He stated that his countryman, Daniil Kvyat can still put his career on track. This is a motivation for the 22 year old Kvyat who has suffered a blow when he was relegated to the junior team of Toro Rosso by Red Bull in order to replace his senior position with Max Verstappen. The company stated that Kvyat was struggling to cope with the pressure that he was facing from the races. The stress of events that occurred in Sochi had taken a toll on him. Hence, if he is part of the junior team he would be able to recover his form.

Vitaly Petrov Comes To Mind With The Russian Grand Prix

With the Russian Grand Prix coming up, there is little wonder that the name of Vitaly Petrov is doing the rounds.

Born a Russian in 1984, he is the first Russian to have taken part in the Formula One World Championship. Hence, now that the Russian Grand Prix is round the corner, it is a time to remember the feats of this racing driver. He was born in Vyborg and the lightning speeds at which he used to compete acquired him the nickname Vyborg Rocket. He competed in Formula One from 2010 for Renault and then for Caterham in 2012.

It is interesting to note that, Petrov started off with Karting as there was no motor sporting opportunity where he lived. He started off in Motorsport only in 1998. At that time he started to participate in ice races as well as in rally sprints. He then competed in Russian Lada Cup. From 2003 Petrov has been in the limelight as he started participating in Formula Renault races. Since then he has started to compete in different races in Europe. The Russian Lada Revolution races were started in 2004. He then remained and participated for Russia till 2005.

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Vitaly Petrov is a Russian race car driver

Vitaly Petrov is a Russian race car driver who previously drove for Renault between 2010 and 2011 and Caterham in 2012 in Formula One, becoming the first ever Russian driver to compete in the premier motorsport event in the world.

Unlike most other race car drivers, Petrov did not begin his racing career with karting as there was little scope for karting activities where he lived. In 1998, he began to take part in ice races and raly sprints before going on to compete in the Russian Lada Cup in 2001. He remained in the series and such was his dominance that he scored a maximum 500 possible points in 2002, winning all the races.

In 2003, he joined the Formula Renault championship with his main campaign being the Italian Formula Renault Championship where he raced for Euronova Racing. Joining the Euroseries 3000 in 2006 with the same team, he scored nine podium finishes in eighteen races and first gained the attention of Formula One teams.

Vitaly Petrov was linked with moves to Sauber, Campos and Renault F1 ahead of the 2010 season. He was strongly linked with a move to Campos but eventually, after signing for the French team, he said that it was the best move he possibly could have made. He also said that he had no major Russian sponsors backing him and only his father and a few of his friends came forward with the financial backing.

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